Live as if you were to die tomorrow

Feel as if you were to be reborn now

6 May 1983

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A little something about myself: My name is Kila N Malach; my last name is not pronounced how it may look. I have been married now for 4 years now soon to be 5 years and growing stronger! I'm an artist, photographer and a writer. In my spare time I play an assortment of games ranging from the computer to nintendo to sony playstation. I'm a huge movie buff-love movies. ^_^

I adopted a Dragonite Plushie! I adopted a Raichu Plushie! I adopted a Squirtle Plushie!
I adopted an Umbreon Plushie!
I adopted a Latios Plushie! I adopted a Lugia Plushie!

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Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?


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A story of love and war, absolute peace and total chaos, that holds a world of mystery about each individual. No one knows what'll touch their lives changing them forever. City of Meropis is open to the imagination; civilians, mercenaries, hunters, demons, magic users, military, and anything else one can think up. Aside from trolls, ogres and aliens, the site doesn't have any kind of imagination limitation; but I suppose if you can sell me a story and reason as to why they need to be present and how they’d work then I’m sure that it can be over turned where they become present. If you can think of it and make it believable then by all means it's acceptable. Within reason, it's a free for all site where everything is accepted. If there is something that you don't see and think should be there then by all means, there's a highly good chance if you bring it to the admins it'll be there. The admins are super friendly and everyone on the site is more than willing to help anyone out with questions and concerns. It is a big site due to everything that can go into it. The more you’re willing to put into it, the more you'll get out of it.

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